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Making Your Property Sell Faster

Preperation  is key to getting the photos right, a certain amount of staging can go along way to making the photos pop, clean and clutter free but homeley makes the home feel warm and makes the veiwer want to live there.


Floor plans

While we are on site taking photos why not let us do your floor plans too, using laser measures and graph paper to ensure accurate sketches we then convert to digital for your brochures and website use.

Plans can be simple walls, doors and windows or can be enhanced with furniture in position.

Elevated Photography

Not all properties need a drone, some times high level photography can really make a house stand out from the rest, our remote pole equipment can go up to 40ft..

We offer high level images are part of one of our premium packages or they can be added to any package or ordered on their own.
Typically photographing at around 20ft gives most properties a straight on view and very useful where the property sits elevated at the top of a drive, this makes the property sit straight in the image without converging verticals, where photos taken on a normal tripod would be looking up at the property
Also great for showing large gardens.

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360 Virtual Tours

A virtual tour for any sized property cut down on viewing times, with this clickable virtual walk through navigating from one room to the next in side and out.

Virtual tours are also useful for vendors who stuggle with mobility issues  and are a great way of avoiding large volumes of viewings where potential buyers might not be fully invested in the property.

Combined with floor plans virtual property tours are also very useful for lettings agents cutting down the time agents need to be out of office, they are however not designed to replace viewings completely and are best suited to empty or well presented properties.

Drone Photography

Drone imaging of a property can really enhance a property listing especially if the property has large grounds or is near water or other highly rated local attraction.

Not all properties are sutiable for Drone photography this could be due to size or location and the strict CAA rules about when and where you are allowed to fly unmaned aircraft.

Please contact us and we will advise if its something we can do.

Licenced Drone Operator Chichester

Roof & Gutter Surveys

Surveys can be carried out with either a drone or a pole based camera  depending on the location of the problem within the roof area.

Most guttering can be easily reached with the pole system and high definition images or video can be captured up to around 40ft from ground level.

Higher roofs or chimneys can be reached by a drone, we have a Mavic Pro 2 and will in the near future also have a Mavic Zoo, and can also rent larger drone for bigger jobs.

Even as a fully licenced commercial drone operator there are still some restrictions about when and where you are allowed to fly so for this reason we ask you to contact us with your requirements prior to booking an appointment.

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