Roof & Gutter Surveys

Gutter or roof surveys & reports.

Our professional wireless digital cameras and telescopic inspection poles can extend to 60ft to record images of the insides of gutters. We can also view down hoppers, gulley’s and into the tops of downpipes.  Still images and/oror short videoscan be recorded, allowing a detailed review of the situation.

Gutter Video Surveys

What does the survey look like?

Videos or images can be used to identify potential problems with loose tiles or slates, chimney issues or guttering faults.

The guttering surveys can identify potential blockages and where guttering might need cleaning or repair. In this video you can see that the down pipe mesh has allowed debris to flow down the drain from one side, this will eventually block water from flowing from the other direction. These surveys are quick and use ground-based equipment.  There is no need for ladders or scaffolding so health and safety risks are minimised.

How do i know if my gutters need cleaning?

In this video you can see moss and debris along most of the length of the guttering – this will lead to poor water flow and potential blockages and overflow.  The added weight of water in a blocked gutter may stress the joints and cause leaks.  In this case we would suggest an immediate clean and can recommend companies able to carry out this work.

Roof and Chimney Surveys

Still Images or Video

Depending on your potential problem you may want to book still imagery, video or both. Video allows you to review a wider area more quickly, but still images offer the ability to zoom in to a particular spot at a faster rate. Here is a short video,and some still images, of a chimney stack focusing on the flashing joints. We are very happy to discuss your needs, bytelephone, before booking your survey.

Buying a house & need a closer look at the Chinmey?

This still image, from the video above, highlights some lead flashing that is not quite flush to the tiles. Damage like this could lead to a small leak or a draught into the loft space.

Inspections can also reveal loose tiles and other roof damage without the need to climb ladders or assemble scaffolding towers.

We can give you a series of high-resolution images or high definition video of the hardest to reach structures. You can even monitor the footage being gathered on our remote ground station screens, to make sure that you’re getting exactly the images that you need.

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