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Elevated photography (sometimes refered to as high level photography), is where the camera is mounted to a tall mast up to 60 ft and remotely operated.  Unlike drone photography, you do not need any special permisssions for this type of ariel photography.  It can give a stunning new angle to a property elevation or rear gardens and really add that point of difference, leaving the ground level images for shoter close-up views.

High Level Property Photography

The Pole is available in up to 12 sections topping out at 60ft though typically we only carry 7 as for the majority of cases this is more than enough.  Each section can be used either fully or partially extended so can achive any height range required within the maximum from 6 ft to 60 ft.

We have 2 cameras that can mount remotley to the top of the pole, a full frame DSLR with wide angle lens and a smaller Sony camera with zoom option, though due to gravity and camera weight, only the smaller camera can go above 31 ft. To make the most of this service it’s best suited to sunny or partly clouds days where the wind speed is low.  For anything over 20 ft, each booking will be taken on merit, based on location and local weather.

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