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Floor Plans

We offer a professional floor plan service to assist with the marketing of properties across Sussex and the Hampshire border,

Floor plans are an essential part of your marketing package. The floorplan is one of the first things a prospective buyer will check to see if the property is the right size for their needs.

Floor plans can be either 2D or 3D, depending on your requirements.  To the right is a 2D colour floor plan – the colours give a clear distinction between each room. Rooms can be empty, showing just sizes, or can show fitting placements such as sinks, cookers, bathroom suites, wardrobes etc. Plan can also be rendered into 2D CAD style black and white, if you prefer.

Diigtal Floor Plan
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A laser measure is used to take accurate measurements for each space and detailed sketches are prepared on site (including all permanent fixtures). Depending on your need’s, window measurements can be approximate or measured.

Research carried out in 2013, by Rightmove, identified that floor plans form a vital part of many buyers’initial review of properties. Over a third of buyers said that they were less likely to enquire about a property without a floor plan, stating that they want to see the room layout, to see where rooms fit in relation to others and to understand the flow of the property. A floor plan is undoubtedly the best way to gather this information.
Floor plans are also useful when designing furniture layout and wiring systems and for  communication with contractors/builders about remodelling of the property.

We fully believe this information to still be current – you can read the rest of the story here Rightmove floor plans

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