Drone Photography & Surveys

Drone pilot for West Sussex

Now available we are offering aerial photography to enhance the marketing of your property.

Wayne is an experienced hobbyist and has recently passed the A2 competency exam with flying colours,with a number of years as a drone operator, and can now flycommerically in accordance with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations.
Using a high altitude allows the creation of stunning images of the property, within the grounds and surrounding area.  This is the perfect marketing addition for waterside properties or properties with large grounds.

If you think drones are too expensive we also supply elevated high level photography up to 60ft.

This will be a fully insured commercial drone aerial photography service

The A2 Certificate of Competency is a new drone qualification introduced on the 1st January 2021, and is designed to get pilots flying safely and legally within the UK.

Having an A2 CofC allows you to operate in the new A1 and A2 Subcategories, which means you can fly your drone as close as 0m* from uninvolved people. This CAA Approved certificate also opens up access to a wide range of new areas to fly – without it, pilots will not be able to operate within 150m of recreational, commercial, industrial or residential areas.


Packages and options to be announced shortly.

Would you like to book aerial photography ?

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